Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the center part of Engineering concentrates on which is yet evergreen because of its day significance. Electrical Engineering manages the investigation of use of Electricity, Electronics and Electromagnetism.

‘EEE’ is a Basic Branch of Engineering Study’ that makes interest and gives right ‘discernment’ and ‘knowledge’ into ‘Essentials’

‘EEE’ Branch opens up amazing degree for ‘New Avenues’ for variation and hence empowers quest for hi-tech Specialization. It has the essential commitment and obligation to understand and meet the convincing need and desperation for wide running, testing and quickly developing Global Demands for EEE Professionals


To shape the engineers to face this present reality challenges with responsibility and confidence.


1.To touch off them with their specific field and cause them to dominate in.

2.To introduce the accessibility of the applicable region of their field to improve the domain knowledge.

3. To plan them as an energy asset for the societal requirements worldwide.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Give Graduates in a situation to apply their expansive information obtained in Mathematics, Basic Sciences and Electrical and Electronics Engineering courses, to the arrangement of complicated issues experienced in the cutting edge Engineering practice.

Guiding the graduates to carry out and empowered to support their uniqueness, for objective situated execution, multidisciplinary approach and a capacity to relate designing issues to the more extensive social setting.

Graduates are shaped for the flourishing technical world with a learning thirst for the new specialized improvement and give attention to the higher investigations and the exploration thoughts.

Program Specific Outcome

Apply the central information in mathematics, science and engineering to identify, figure out, plan and examine complex electrical engineering issues of electric circuits, simple and advanced electronic circuits, electrical machines and power frameworks.

Apply fitting procedures and present day Engineering equipment and programming devices in Electrical designing, for example, power framework, Electrical machines and power hardware genuine issues, to take part in long lasting learning and to effectively adjust in multi-disciplinary conditions.

Understand the effect of Professional Engineering arrangements in a cultural and ecological setting, focus on proficient morals and speak with multi-area proficient actually.