Technology is constantly growing and changing our ways of living. It makes life easier at times, and more interesting too. The world of graphic design is a fascinating one; truly, the rate of change is enough to make one’s head spin. Graphic design is still a strong field and is highly demanded as businesses need more visual communication than ever. Aiming to provide an intense training on digital art, The Computer Science and Engineering Department of M.E.T Engineering College organized a “Two days Boot Camp on Graphics Design”

The workshop started with Tamil thaivazthu followed by Welcome address by Ms.MaheshBala of II CSE. The Principal Dr.P.Senthil Kumar, M.E.T Engineering College presided over the function. The resource person of the day was introduced by Mr.Sidharth Sivan of IV CSE. Mr.JeyaAnand, Founder of Digit Info Solutions, Nagercoil served as the resource person. The workshop comprised of lectures interleaved with hands-on training.

The Resource person started the Day 1 session with a brief introduction about Adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator to the participants. Initially the software was taught to the participants. They were made familiar with the use of quick shortcuts and sizing options in Adobe Photoshop. Further, the speaker explained layouts and its various uses. The use and application of Photoshop tools was also taught elaborately. The session mostly consisted of creating different shapes and filling them with kind of color effects like a gradient. The Day 1 session ended with, the participants being assigned the task of creating a unique design with the help of shapes and gradient effect.

Having covered the basics of Photoshop, on the 2nd day the speakers discussed some complex designing techniques using illustrator and how to implement them. The concept of working with opacity was discussed with illustrating their own work as a sample. The participants were shown how to work with different kinds of black and white pictures by adjusting tonal settings such as hue and saturation.

At the end of two days boot camp Mr.JeyaAnand conducted a Poster Designing contest in which all the students participated in groups of three. ThesanaMoorthy, D.Pravin Kumar, and Subanesh of IV CSE secured first position, Aswin Berry, Kandiah , and ShiekAhamedFazeem of IV CSE secured the second position. Certificates where distributed to all the participants.The session was concluded at 4.00 pm by presenting Mr.JeyaAnand with a Gift by Ms.V.Vidhya, Administrative Officer, M.E.T Engineering College. Mr.D.Pravin Kumar of II CSE proposed the vote of thanks. The resource person was very happy with the level of interest shown by the students and promised to come and interact with our students whenever they needed. The event was a successful one. The boot camp was relevant to the title and were well-appreciated by the students. After completion of this workshop students have felt encouraged to explore these areas further.

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