The Rotary club of M.E.T.Engineering College, Aralvaimozhy arranged a rally in Chenbagaramanputhoor village for Tuberculosis awareness day on 25th March 2022. Hundreds of students of M.E.T. Engineering College and GHSS, Chenbagaramanputhoor were participated in the rally and took an oath to awareness of tuberculosis.

The rally started from the Health centre, Chenbagaramanputhoor  and ended at the GHSS, Chenbagaramanputhoor.

The Director of the M.E.T. Group of Colleges Dr.P.Senthil Kumar, Dr.S.Beula, Senior Pediatrician Health Centre, Chenbagaramanputhoor and Mrs.R.Beena, Head Mistress of GHSS, Chenbagaramanputhoor attended the rally that marched the main road of the Chenbagaramanputhoor village.

After the rally, the meeting was arranged in GHSS, Chenbagaramanputhoor. The program started with Thamizh Thaai Vaazhthu. The Director, Dr.P.Senthil Kumar and Administrative Officer, Ms.V. Vidhya presided over the function. The Chief Guests of the day were Dr. Beula, Senior Pediatrician Health Centre, Chenbagaramanputhoor, Mrs.R.Beena, Head Mistress of GHSS, Chenbagaramanputhoor, Mr. M. Ranjith Bernatsha , Senior Treatment supervisor, Chenbagaramanputhoor TU, District Tuberculosis center, KKMCH Aasaripallam and Mrs. Pramila, TB HV, District Tuberculosis center, KKMCH Aasaripallam. Mrs.C.Maheswari.AP., coordinator of the Rotary club introduced the Chief Guests.

“Early diagnosis and treatment of active TB remains a top priority in India. Our hospital has the resources to identify drug resistant TB. DOTS treatment is given to all TB patients. MDR TB patients are treated with new drugs like Bedaquilion and Delamanid in our Hospital under expert monitoring,” said Dr.S. Beula, Senior Pediatrician Health Centre, Chenbagaramanputhoor . The organizer thanked everyone to make their rally a success and promised to arrange more awareness raising programs in future.

The outcome of the rally was more positive. All the information and contents were very necessary and helpful. The positive feedback from students actually served the purpose of this Program.

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