Case Study is an important academic part of the students. The objective of a Case study or Site visits was to experience the traditional temple architectural styles and Understanding the importance of its localities. We the department of Traditional Architecture, MET college of Fine arts arranged an Case Study to the Vishalakshi Samethar Sree kasivishwanathar Swami Temple at Chenbagaramanputhoor. This temple stands with the History of 200 years old Architectural style.

This temple is abandoned and need to be conserved. It will be challenging for the students to understand how to apply the techniques of conservation to preserve 200 years old temple. The reasons for the damage for the temple includes poor maintenance, natural weathering, unrestricted growth of plants and trees, the location of the temple was in the outskirt of the village.

The students are exposed to the different exposure to understand the half ruined ancient beauty. They documented the temple with measurements and photographs. The existing condition and materials used in the temple also noted. The inscriptions on the temple are studied with the photographs. Then finally students did the live sketching of the temples in different views.

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