The Department of Engineering Sciences and Humanities (ESH) includes Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Communication Skills and Ethical Sciences. The office gives a comprehensive environment to everybody by coordinating a scope of instructive, research and different chances to improve information and abilities to accomplish their scientific and technical ambition.

The Department acts as a bridge in the middle of the essential sciences with designing methodology. Staff in applied sciences and humanities offers top notch essential courses to first year undergraduate students to make them over to their concerned designing disciplines for finishing their expected credits. Faculty members are profoundly qualified and wealthy in experience to cater the needs of budding engineers, are effectively occupied with research work, took part in National and International Conferences/Workshop’s/Sttp’s/FDP’s and have distributed in excess of 130 exploration papers in different diaries of notoriety and UGC endorsed diaries. Faculty members take part in the University exercises like individuals from BOS, educational program studios, assessment/valuation area and so on.


The vision of our department is to create and environment where all will speak English fluently and effectively. Create students highly employable and technically and professionally well verse in their subjects. This will create wonders in our globe in the field of engineering and technology.


1.To make the students communicate in English fluently.

2.To make the students highly skillful so that they may get placement at once..

3.To create employable engineers so that the departments or companies may willingly employ them in their works.

4.To give them self-confidence so that they can work with anybody in any situation


To compare and contrast ideas in technical texts.

To provide platform to showcase their ideas in the National and International competitions.

To understand the knowledge  of various techniques and methods of solving various types problems.