The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the head departments in the collegel. The department has very much experienced faculty with demonstrated abilities and administrative acumen. The department likewise does industry counseling administrations from a variety of industries. Mechanical Engineering is the career center on making advancements to meet a wide scope of human requirements.

Mechanical Engineering Department form the students to work in following classes:
1) In center areas, for example, Steel businesses, Oil and gas ventures, fabricating areas, Design areas, and so on,

2) In private areas as business development Associates, Content Development administrator, Financial guides, and so forth,

3) It additionally gives the potential open doors and qualification to compose UPSC – IES, PSU, for example, Railways, Airport Authorities of India, ONGC and oil-based commodities and so on,


1) Being a leader in super-advanced instruction and examination by giving current offices to change students into global contributors and achievers.

2) Excel in the arising areas of mechanical engineering by giving students the information, relevant practices and human qualities to change students into possible assets to address the issues of organizations and society to support feasible creation exercises.


1.Improve the technical knowledge of students, faculty and care staff by giving quality instruction that incorporates the most recent mechanical progressions by constantly working on the instructive framework, which works with specialized help to industry and local area needs..

2.Students need essential preparation in mechanical engineering related tools.

3. Constantly further develop the research facility and give an ideal climate that prompts persistent learning, advancement and information move. To advance understudy minds on proficient morals, human qualities and ecological issues in designing..

Program Specific Outcome

Work beneficially as effective IT experts in different vocation ways including strong and leadership roles on multidisciplinary groups or be dynamic in higher studies.

Apply the information on Mathematics, Science, Engineering Fundamentals, and an Engineering specialization to the arrangement of intricate engineering problems.