Industrial exposure and practical experience plays a significant role while attempting to enter the corporate world. Internships provide industry exposure and real time experience but also help in one’s personal growth and development. The list of students attended the internship during the academic year 2020-2021 at Kriya Architects, Sivakasi for one month.

S.NoStudent NameYearOrganization
3SARAN KUMAR .KIVKriya Architects
4RAMYA.GIVKriya Architects
5KALAISELVIIVKriya Architects
6HAJA MAIDEEN A.IIIKriya Architects

Internship Report

I am A.HAJAMAIDEEN from Final year ECE. I have done my internship in “ELECTRICAL ASSISTANT DESIGNER” at KRIYAARCHITECT, SIVAKASI. KRIYA ARCHITECTURE was founded in 2016 by S.B ARUN PRAKAASH. Interior is committed to breathe life into your living space specializing in residential homes-architectures , interior and project management consultancy service, Kriya is a team of architects, space planner and interior designers by a passion to give the homes of your dreams. With wide network of committed professionals , Kriya can give you home architecture, interior, remodeling and project management consultancy support at Madurai and Sivakasi and at any location in Tamil Nadu. Modular kitchen cupboard furniture/Home automation project management consultancy (PMC). They provide professional management service for our client residential projects

The Duration of the internship is one month from 30/12/2020 to 03/02/2021. The main objective of the internship is to identify the electrical design process, to determine the scope on electrical design project, to interpret various components of on electrical plan, including general and specialized loads, lightning systems, distribution systems, to recognize the symbols used in electrical plan design, to identify the standards and regulations that guide the electrical design process.

For all building construction, the occupant must have a concept for the new design and then the designer can produce a set of building plans which convey all the required information to the local inspection authority. The industrial buildings contains a number of electrical systems which include specific electrical designs and additional documentation to verify that the design conforms to all required building codes. Here I would like to share the learning experience during these one month of internship.

During week 1,I have learnt about the basic Electrical equipment used during   the layout design and the important stages of development in electrical design. During the development of electrical design, I have learnt the following.

  • Firstly the designer must understand the scope of the project. Then the designer designs and defines each component such as general office areas, specialized machinery and power distribution requirement
  • Finally, these individual components are compiled to form the final presentation of the design.

Then they have defined the parts of the electrical plan. Depending upon the scope of the projects, a design can include the following components.

  • General Electrical Requirements
  • Specialized Electrical Requirements
  • Lightning Systems
  • Electrical Distribution Systems.

During week 2, they have explained briefly about the determination of applicable standards as well as  additional standards for commercial or industrial occupancies. They have demonstrated basic electrical layout design. This was the session arrangement which was followed by the forth first two weeks.

During the week 3 and 4 , I have learnt about the compilation of electrical design and complete set of plans once the various parts and applicable standards have been determined. They have demonstrated the electrical layout design using Computer Aided Design(CAD) software. Then they have explained the benefits of digitized plans than those drawn using pencil and pen. Followed by that they have assigned several projects dealing with electrical projects and asked to design in the CAD Software. This was overall learning experience experience during the course period of one month.


On-going Projects by the Students

  • IoT based Smart Home Automation
  • Solar Tracking System


The training and placement team believes in the thought, “The outcome of education is apparent when careers sharpen your horizons” and we strive every minute working on it. Students’ skills are moulded through multifarious training sessions that include technical, aptitude, verbal and soft skill. By understanding their level of grasping and delivering, the students are trained individually, based on their needs. To keep pace with the world, multiplicity of career is essential and that drives us to provide training and guidance for those who aspire to crack the competitive exams. The ambience in Training and Placement department is an inspiration, for its spatial dimensions of Interview cubicles, Group Discussion halls and Guest Lounge that render students a complete professional environment to learn and equip. A team of passionate staff work with a single motive for upgrading the students to the next phase of life by all possible means. For the academic year 2021-2022, the following student had been placed.

The primary goals that every Institution holds for its students are:


  • To recognize the capabilities and hidden talents of the students.
  • To guide the students to meet the expectations of the industry through some career development programs.
  • To conduct technical seminars from industry experts
  • To augment their communication skills.

Placed Students

The list of students in our present final years who got placed in various companies in the department of ECE are as follows

S.NoStudent NameOrganization