The science club of M.E.T.Engineering College, Aralvaimozhyarranged a quiz competition on 27th April 2022. fifty of students of M.E.T. Engineering College were participated in quiz competition. Thequiz competitionwere conducted in VASANTHAM HALL, M.E.T.Engineering College,Chenbagaramanputhoor ,Aralvaimozhy. The program started with Thamizh Thaai Vaazhthu. The Director, Dr.P.Senthil Kumar and Administrative Officer, Mrs.V. Vidhya presided over the function. The Chief Guests of the day were Mrs.C.Maheswari.AP, M.E.T.Engineering College, Judge of the program were Mrs.R.Babija.AP,M.E.T.Engineering College. Mrs.D.Shamini.AP., coordinator of the Science club introduced the Chief Guests.

The format of the quiz entailed three rounds for each team, a team contain two students first round question is Basic physics the top ten team is select for second round in second round question is based on Basic chemistry the top five team is selected for final round in this round question based on appliyed physis and chemistry . The time allotted to give the correct answer was ten seconds, failing which the question was passed to the next team. The scores were tabulated by Mrs.C.Maheswari whereas Mrs.R.Babija served as Judges. Ten point was awarded to the team for every correct answer. Although the all teams participated actively, the Student that scored the most was Isaivani,Saranya(55 MARKS) , which was followed by Shajin kumar,Jaffin Durai (40 Marks) who took the second position and the third position was begged by Nallasivan,Jayamurugan( 35Marks). There was much jubilation in the winning teams. M.E.T.Engineering College encourages positive competition and hopes to bring out the best in all its students through such competitive events, while ensuring that the students learn through all possible ways- not just through books and class-room teaching. . The organizer thanked everyone to make their rally a success and promised to arrange more awareness raising programs in future.

The outcome of the quiz competition was more effective to the students. All the contents were very necessary and helpful. The positive feedback from students actually served the purpose of this Program.

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