Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering


Our objective is to provide continuous training to the students in the field of Embedded Technology Development. An Embedded Technology Lab is processor based computer hardware with software design and  development lab to perform an independent system.. At the core we provide an integrated circuit design to carry out solutions for real life problems. Embedded System with Embedded Technology is the future. Every industry needs some artificial intelligence into it, and it can be given by Embedded Systems and Technologies.


Our vision is to strive for excellence in the field of Embedded technology. The lab has focussed objective on developing products for needs of the society and industries with the latest technology and with complete automation. Our major focus is to impart knowledge, skill and continuous training for the students in the field of Embedded Technology.


1.To facilitate the students with the sound knowledge on Embedded Technology and System Design.

2.To design and develop Embedded products for real time applications.

3. To develop solutions for problem statements in the field of Embedded Technology.

Training Offered

Two days workshop on Sensors and Interface using Arduino and IoT was conducted on 28th and 29th of April 2022 by the resource persons Mr.Mathan Kumar, Founder/ Manager and Mr.S.Subbiah Service Engineer from Power Integrated Solutions, Trichy.The students were well trained with the ideas of development board , basics of embedded C Programming and the sensors interfacing. The students performed the following experiments listed below.

  • Interfacing of LED with Arduino
  • Interfacing of LCD with Arduino
  • Interfacing of Arduino with Rain Sensor
  • Interfacing of Arduino with Gas Sensor
  • Interfacing of Arduino with Flame Sensor

Ongoing Projects by Students

  • IoT based Smart Home Automation
  • Solar Tracking System